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Photos by Jan Hunar


Eclectic Cinema is an electro-pop music project based in Brno, Czech Republic, with beautifully crafted synth-infused songs. We are Duncan and Mirek, and we welcome you to join us on a musical ride filled with simple pleasures, punchy beats and catchy tunes. After all, what more could you possibly need in your life?


// vox


Duncan is the singer, lyricist and co-writer of the songs. He is a composer and orchestrator of music and studied music at Dartington Hall in the UK. Since graduating, he has been composing for ensembles of all sizes. Now based in Brno in the Czech Republic, he's worked with the Brno Filharmonie on a new orchestral score commissioned for Murnau’s Sunrise. He has also composed for audio-visual installations for galleries and public spaces such as Silent Sirens, Obtuse Angles, and a planetarium fulldome show, Arrows of Time: A Tribute to Doctor Who, for which he also wrote the script. Duncan has released 14 albums of avant-garde experimental music.


// keys


Mirek is a technical back-office crew member, arrangement developer and co-writer of the songs for Eclectic Cinema. Mirek has been producing electronic music since 1994, genre-wise from electronic body music, through techno to obscure experimental music, most of the time under the name He has been part of multiple musical and audio-visual projects and apart from his own productions, he was actively remixing. Mirek loves 80s and 90s electronic dance music and modern classical music.

He has the fun task of taking the music the band creates and somehow transforming it into a live performance. 

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